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est. 2011

BufferLeap is a software development and branding agency located in Austin, Texas. Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to delivering strategic and high-quality software solutions for our clients.

BufferLeap Story

BufferLeap was started as a small independent studio in 2011, previously called MostBrave, by Antonio Bologna, back in El Paso, Texas.

In 2014, MostBrave was renamed to BufferLeap and moved its HQ to Austin, Texas to be closer to its existing clients, providing a better customer-centric experience, and more efficient and rapid solutions to their needs.

After a few years of growing its roots in Austin, Texas, BufferLeap's team started to grow, from UX and Software development members to other nearshoring teams in Mexico and Argentina.

Today, we are a full-fledged software development & branding agency, with many years of successful partnerships with local and nationwide customers, who keep returning for various aspects of their business tech needs.


Antonio Bologna Profile Pic

Antonio Bologna

Founder & CEO

BufferLeap Team member Profile Pic

Daniela Pascale

Sales Expert

BufferLeap Team member Profile Pic

Ruben Espinoza

Principal Software Engineer

BufferLeap Team member Profile Pic

Gustavo Diaz

Software Developer

BufferLeap Team member Profile Pic

Lucy Ballesteros

Software Developer

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